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As Apple Halts Sales To Russia, Will China Fill The Void?

Apple has joined the chorus of tech giants boycotting Russia, stopping exports and sales of its products in the country following its invasion of Ukraine.

Apple says it stands “with all of the people who are suffering as a result of the violence.”

“We are deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Apple said in a statement. “We are supporting humanitarian efforts, providing aid for the unfolding refugee crisis, and doing all we can to support our teams in the region.”

Apple’s App Store reamins open, despite Ukraine Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov calling for the tech giant to do so, saying it could sway large portions of Russian youth to rebel against the invasion.

HP and Nike have done likewise, prompting the question: will China see this as an opportunity to step up and fill the trade gaps left by these Western boycotts.

Such a move would strengthen ties between the two nations, and with China already the subject of harsh boycotts and trade restrictions from the US, it could help the country’s tech sector recover from these US sanctions.


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