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Arlo Unveil First HD Video Doorbell

Arlo Technologies has unveiled its first video doorbell with integrated high-resolution live video and two-way audio.

Despite no word on Australian availability, the Arlo Video Doorbell is retailing for US$149.99.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is being pushed as a ‘complete front-entry solution’ that can deliver industry-leading vertical video with an optimised 1:1 aspect ratio.

Bigger and more precise pictures from the front door are guaranteed thanks to Arlos smart entry solution which incorporates capturing video in a square aspect ratio which allows ‘users to fully view packages on the ground or visitors from head to toe’.

Coupled with a 180-degree diagonal field-of-view, night vision, motion detection and tamper detection ensure absolute security for your household.

Two-audio allows occupants to speak to guests, and thanks to the HD resolution video camera, personalised alerts can be configured to notify about parcel arrivals, vehicle passings or animal detection.

Fortunately, the Arlo Video Doorbell is easily installed as it connects seamlessly to an existing mechanical or digital chime allowing for continuous power.

To prevent occupants missing visitors or guests, the Arlo Video Doorbell sends a live, HD video call to the users’ phone once the doorbell is pressed.

“To ensure a visitor is never missed, we went above and beyond industry standards to create an innovative solution that delivers a fuller vertical field-of-view so users can see more from their front door, from head to toe,” said Tejas Shah, SVP product and chief information officer.

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