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Are Shoppers Buying The Wrong Xbox?

Confusion appears to be reigning at Amazon with the current-generation Xbox One X console rocketing up the sales charts as pre-orders open up for the next-gen Series X, leading to speculation that consumers are mixing up the two device.

The 1TB Xbox One X sat at #8 on the Amazon US “Movers and Shakers” chart for biggest gains in video games over the past 24 hours, with sales increasing by 431 per cent. This was not reflected in the Australian store, where the new Series X is resting at #3 on the same chart.

Launched three years ago, the Xbox One X is not the same as the Series X, which is set to release worldwide on November 10 – it is a same-generation upgrade to its Xbox One, which released in 2013.

The apparent mix-up in Amazon sales highlights Microsoft’s confusing names for the Xbox console line-up: while Sony’s PlayStation 5 is easily identifiable as a successor to the PlayStation 4, nothing in the names of the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles indicates the difference between them and the One S or One X.

Regardless of the confusion at Amazon, pre-orders have nonetheless sold out for the Series X and its cheaper all-digital counterpart the Series S at many major retailers. There seems to be a similar fiasco unfolding to competitor Sony’s pre-orders for the PlayStation 5, which saw tens of thousands of consumers miss out – online storefronts for Series X and Series S preorders, including Microsoft’s own, started crashing as soon as they went live in the US.

Microsoft is not the only console manufacturer to have caused headaches with a confusing naming scheme – back in 2012, Nintendo confused customers with the Wii U, which suffered in sales partly due to mistaken belief among many shoppers that it was an upgrade or extension to its previous Wii console, and was discontinued just five years later ahead of the launch of its far more successful Switch.

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