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Are Ember Heated Mugs The Next Big Thing For CE Retailers, It’s Working In The US

What’s the next big thing for Australian retailers, if the US market is anything to go by temperature-controlled mugs and even baby bottles that can be heated or cooled from a Company called Ember, is set to deliver sales.

Recently Cellnet secured the rights to the Ember range of products which are proving popular at stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, Starbucks and Bloomingdales in the USA as well widely at Apple stores.

Cellnet will bring Ember’s cutting-edge products to the Australian and New Zealand markets, in what Cellnet management claim will “revolutionise the way people enjoy their Favorite beverages”.

The General Manager of Cellnet said that the initial products to go on sale will be the ‘drinkware’ which both heats and keeps liquid cool in an Ember mug or container.

“We are also looking at temperature-controlled baby bottles which is set to be a boom to people who travel and want to keep a drink warm. I am sure there are many mothers who have been on a flight and had to ask an air hostess to warm up a baby bottle” he said.

Ember is seen as being at the forefront in the development and manufacturing of temperature control technology for drink containers.

The Ember Mug is designed to maintain the perfect temperature for hot beverages, allowing users to savour every sip, whether it’s the first or the last claims Ember.

The Ember Travel Mug 2 delivers self-heating that can be controlled via an app.

It can keep a beverage at a desired temperature for three hours or all day when left on the charging coaster.

The temperature can be set from 48 degrees centigrade to 62 degrees centigrade, which has been described as ideal for your favourite coffee.

Design wise, the Ember Mug looks like your average travel cup. It has a soft touch silicone exterior in black and a stainless-steel interior that holds 340 grams of liquid.

On the side of the mug are LED symbols that tell you the temperature.

An Ember Mug knows when liquid is inside, and it can immediately detect the temperature of what’s poured in.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ember, an industry pioneer in temperature-controlled drinkware. This collaboration aligns perfectly with Cellnet’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge products that enhance people’s lives,” said Jason Leuzzi, GM of Product at Cellnet.

“Ember’s innovative technology and commitment to exceptional design make them an ideal addition to our product portfolio. We are confident that consumers in Australia and New Zealand will be delighted with their revolutionary products and exciting product road map.”

Pricing and retailers for the Australian and New Zealand markets have not been announced yet.


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