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Are Apple prices set to rise in Australia Again?

In response to foreign exchange rates and inflation, Apple has raised the price of products in Japan by up to 25 percent, raising the question of whether the company will adopt the same harsh increases here in Australia.

The Cupertino-based tech giant raised the price of the cheapest version of the iPhone 13 by 19% in Japan, from 98,000 yen ($1,062.09) to 117,800 yen ($1,276.67), whilst the iPhone SE increased 11.56 percent.

The biggest increase hit the iPad, which now sits at 49,800 yen ($540), 25% more than before.

Whilst Apple has not commented on the exact reasons for the hikes, the company’s chief financial officer Luca Maestri, an April 28 earnings report found that foreign exchange rates were having an effect on overseas revenue.

While Australia currently has been unaffected by the price rises, the risk still stands. With inflation expected to hit 7 percent, the value of the dollar on the decline (3-month high of 75.78 cents to 68.21 cents), and the risk of a recession on the horizon, Apple may very well respond similarly.

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