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Apple’s Optional Ad-Tracking Starts Next Week

Apple Inc. said its iOS 14.5 software update will roll out next week. It’s an especially spicy upgrade for businesses, developers and retailers, as the new version introduces a massive change to ad tracking.

With iOS 14.5, users will be able to choose whether they are tracked for targeted advertising, requiring users to opt in for personalised ads, the default being ‘off’.

This is a major win for user rights, privacy and choice but quite the calamity for digital marketers and business models like Facebook and other developers.

Apple announced the iOS rollout date as part of its ‘Spring Loaded’ new product launch event on Tuesday.

Developers expect to lose revenue because most consumers won’t opt in – perhaps because they won’t be bothered to, or because they actively do not wish to be tracked.

Apple says that users should be able to decide how their data is used.

The iOS 14.5 update brings other timely changes such as new Siri voices, a Maps upgrade for indoor navigation, a way to unlock iPhones with an Apple Watch, and of course, freshly added emojis.

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