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Apple’s USB-C to Lightning Adapter Costs $50?

The new USB-C to Lightning Adapter lets consumers connect Lightning accessories to a USB-C-enabled iPhone or iPad, which offers up three types of functions inclusive of data, charging, and audio.

This adapter does aid a small portion of the population that have products like a couple pairs of wired headphones and some specialized audio and video devices that only work with Lightning.

For these customers, paying the USD$29, £29, and AU$49 for the new adapter could be worth it, but they are a little pricey considering they cost the same as buying several USB-C cables.

With most consumers only using the Lightning port on iPhones for charging, some critics of the new accessory say it’s unnecessary or like a reporter for Digital Trends calling the new release “silly”.

Instead, consumers might consider other off-brands if they need this accessory at all which typically are much cheaper elsewhere or better yet, put that money towards other new accessories.

Whether the new adapter is a worthwhile purchase or not, the team is looking forward to testing, reviewing, and just observing and adding commentary regarding all other new products in the Apple launch today.

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