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Apple’s iPhone 8 Splitting Problem Just Got A Whole Lot Worse, Batteries Blamed

Apple’s problems have just got worse, with retailers in Australia already reporting “extremly slow” demand for the new iPhone 8, it’s been revealed that several more iPhone 8 models have split with observers blaming a battery problem.

The problem which we initially reported last week is believed to be caused by swollen batteries which pop after heating up.

At this stage there are no reported cases of fires like what happened with the Samsung Note 7.

Cases of the iPhone 8 case splitting open have cropped up in Taiwan, Japan, Canada and Greece.

Apple initially tried to blame the issue as being isolated to a region that may have received faulty handsets.

Now it’s believed that their problem could be a widespread one, such as the case of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets which resulted in Samsung being forced to initiate a global recall of the critically acclaimed phone and start shutting off un-returned handsets remotely to prevent harm being caused by batteries prone to spontaneous combustion.

While Apple’s iPhone 8 battery problem does not seem to pose a danger to its users now there is the real possibility that authorities could step in to warn consumers if the numbers start mounting say experts.

Some media organisations are saying that it’s not a good sign for the company that prided itself on products with excellent build quality that “just work”.
We contacted Apple for comment but the company has yet to respond.

Trusted Reviews reported that conspiracy theorists are speculating that this is a play by Apple to push people to buy its iPhone X, but we suspect that battery issues with any of its devices is not something Cupertino would engineer.

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