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Amazon Drops Echo Show Price, Sales Fall After Youtube Cut

For the first time since its launch in June, Amazon has dropped the price of its Echo Show – from US$229.99 to USD$199.99 – following recent reports that sales of the device have notably fallen after Google removed support of Youtube from the smart speaker.

The price drop is likely a bid to help boost sales of the Echo Show device.

Some commentators speculate Amazon may be putting the Show on sale simply to entice customers prior to the upcoming arrival of new Echo products, during the holiday period.

Amazon’s Echo Show is an Alexa-enabled smart speaker which features a display screen for enjoyable and convenient video watching, however, in a recent move, Google ceased YouTube access from the device.

Uncertainty still remains as to whether Google and Amazon will be able to mend fences concerning Youtube support.

Amazon has not specified how long the price reduction will last.

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