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Apple’s HomePod With Screen Won’t Arrive Until 2025

Sources, such as Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, have stated the upcoming Apple HomePod with a screen won’t be arriving until 2025 at the earliest.

Mr. Gurman had said in his notes that “a HomePod with an iPad-like display is in the works.”

The rumour has been circulating for a while, however, an update was revealed that something concrete is on its way. Mark claimed Apple is continuing to “pursue this idea and has begun early work on it with overseas suppliers” in order to make this concept a reality.

That said, an Apple home speaker / smart display hybrid won’t become available until 2025, or possibly later.

Reportedly, Apple has been developing a range of these hybrid devices for years, including one that would combine Apple TV, FaceTime, and a HomePod.

There was also allegedly a HomePod featuring a screen that swivelled like a robotic arm, and iPad-like smart displays that attached to a wall with a magnet.

However, the HomePod with a screen has been the most circulated, appearing recently in beta versions of iOS.

The company’s most recent HomePod product is the Apple HomePod 2, which arrived last year, with a basic speaker design that barely changed from the first generation, which launched in 2018.

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