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Apple Working On Expandable Display To Hide iPhone Camera

Apple is, like most tech companies, known for filing many wild and wooly patents, a lot of which are simply to cover future products that may never come to fruition.

But yesterday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent relating to an iPhone with an expandable display that scrolls from within to cover the camera and notch area on the phone.

One illustration of the patent shows a side view of an “electronic device with a slidable display arranged to cover a display window”, while the overall patent covers “an electronic device with a window region that may overlap a movable portion of the display.”

As the filing reads: “It may be desirable to hide cameras and other input-output devices from view when not in use. Accordingly, the electronic device may be provided with one or more adjustable windows.

“The windows may be formed in display window regions that overlap input-output devices in the electronic device. For example, a window may overlap a camera or other optical component.”


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