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Apple Will Soon Let You Fix Your Own Iphone 13 Screen

After major blowback from owners, Apple will let iPhone 13 customers use third-party screen replacement services, after owners previously found out that doing so would cause issues with Face ID.

Of course it isn’t as easy as it sounds, with a future software update needed to make it possible to replace the display without having to transfer a control chip from the display being swapped.

There is no word yet as to when the update will go live, but it will give clumsy iPhone 13 users more options, as well as cutting back Apple’s monopoly.

Until this happens, the iPhone 13 was paired to its screen through a small microcontroller, and owners or independent shops couldn’t pair a new screen. Only authorized techs with access to proprietary software Apple Services Toolkit 2 could make new services work by logging the repair to Apple’s cloud services and synching the phone and screen’s serial number, allowing Apple to approve it.

But now independent workers will be able to fix screens without losing Face ID functionality.

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