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Apple Users Furious iOS 14.2 Is Dramatically Draining Battery

Some Apple users are reporting huge battery drops on iPhones running the new iOS 14.2 system, with the issue mostly affecting iPhone 11 and X models.

iOS 14.2 has been rolled out for a month on handsets dating back to the iPhone 6S, however the upgrade was not a smooth transition for some with users complaining about severe battery draining issues on the new system.

Multiple users posted on Reddit and the Apple developer forum they were dealing with big battery drops after updating their iOS.

The issue doesn’t seem to be affecting every model, with most users reporting the battery draining is occurring on iPhone 11 and iPhone X handsets. However, one user claims their iPhone 12 Pro Max is affected by the problem too.

One iPhone 11 user reported needing to recharge their device during the afternoon, when regularly the iPhone would end the day still on around 40% charge. Other Apple users reported their devices overheated when doing simple tasks such as browsing online.

Apple has not yet made a public statement about the potential bug.

It is not the first time the iOS 14 upgrade has caused battery issues, with the first release leaving iPhone users complaining about weaker battery life on iPhones and Apple Watches.

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