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Apple Transparrency “Sucks” Claims Forbes

Apple who is still back peddling after their recent battery debacle that has seen the Company sued across several continents is now claiming that they told Apple owners about their plan to slow down iPhone 7 and 6 iPhone in the interest of preserving the devices batteries.

Their actions also resulted in owners concluding that their actions were deliberate and aimed at trying to get owners of old iPhones to upgrade to a new device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, whose reputation is on the line over the issue, has now revealed Apple will embark on something which “hasn’t been done before” he said.

Beginning with a beta next month: “we’re going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery. So, it’s very, very transparent…[We] will tell someone we’re reducing your performance by some amount to not have an unexpected restart. And if you don’t want it, you can turn it off.”

US publications such as Forbes don’t buy Cook’s explanation or the software upgrade.

They claim that the company blames the natural degradation of lithium-ion batteries, without addressing why rivals state such measures are unnecessary.

Samsung reiterated to me it can retain 95% lithium-ion battery capacity for at least two years.

Apple also hasn’t explained why the first six generations of iPhones were unaffected (even the 2007 original iPhone had a 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery) or why “protective” stability measures weren’t required in the first nine generations of iOS (throttling began with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S in iOS 10.2.1, released in January 2017).

2. Apple’s Transparency Still Sucks

Let’s be frank, for all Tim Cook’s claims of transparency moving forward, the only reason Apple is doing any of this is because it was caught out.

Furthermore, in speaking to ABC, Cook appears to be rewriting history:

“When we did put it out [iOS 10.2.1], we did say what it was, but I don’t think a lot of people were paying attention and maybe we should have been clearer as well.”

Forbes said that they have asked Apple’s press office to help them out as the publications writers can’t understand to what Cook is referring to.

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