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Apple Tipped To Build New iPhones With Intel Parts

Recent reports reveal that Apple could drop its iPhone & iPad chip supplier, Qualcomm, in favour of modem chips from Intel and MediaTek.

Sources state that the replacement component parts could be deployed as early as 2018.

Apple has reportedly made the decision following a dispute, concerning access to Qualcomm’s proprietary technology.

The Wall Street Journal states San Diego-based Qualcomm withheld software required to test its chips in Apple’s 2018 product prototypes.

The news comes as the patent licensing dispute between Apple and Qualcomm continues to escalate. Apple has accused Qualcomm of exploiting its market dominance for higher royalties. Qualcomm has retaliated and is seeking to ban Apple from making and selling its iPhones in China.

When queried by the media, an Apple spokesperson has affirmed that the company does not comment on future products.

In a statement to Bloomberg, a spokesperson from Qualcomm claims they “are committed to supporting” Apple:

“The Qualcomm modem that could be used in the next generation iPhone has already been fully tested and released to Apple”

“We are committed to supporting Apple’s new devices consistent with our support of all others in the industry”

“Qualcomm’s wireless solutions remain the gold standard for premium tier smartphones”.

Shares in Qualcomm have since slipped, following the release of the news.

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