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Apple Shifting Focus To Smart Homes

With iPhone sales in decline, it’s no surprise that Apple are on the hunt for new revenue streams and it looks like smart home tech might be their solution to their problems.

In the US, analysts have predited that home automation sales are expected to climb from $20B in 2016 to $40B in 2020.


Reports out of Bloomberg hundreds of members of the ‘Apple car team’ have been let go, or have left of their own volition in recent months.

In the wake of these reports that progress on the so-called iCar has stalled, a pivot into home automation looks much more promising.

The company have already bundled their versatile HomeKit app into iOS. However, from the sounds of it, more dedicated hardware will be revealed before long.

“We want to bring home automation to the mainstream,” Greg Joswiak – Apple’s vice president of product marketing – told Bloomberg.

According to him, the key breakthrough for the market will come as more tech companies partner with construction firms and integrate automation tech with the home from the getgo.

“The best place to start is at the beginning, when a house is just being created,” he said.

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