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Apple Rebuffed In Billion-Dollar Caltech Patent Case

The Supreme Court has denied to hear an appear by Apple and Broadcom in a billion dollar patent case that was brought forward by the California Institute of Technology.

The denial sets the stage for a damages only jury trial, in order to determine how much Apple and Broadcom should be expected to pay for infringing Caltech patents in regards to wireless technology.

Caltech has previously won a $1.1 billion verdict in this case, however a lower court stated the amount of damages must be recalculated last year.

Caltech is a private research university that holds patents on technology increasing WiFi speed and range on mobile devices.

It sued Apple and Broadcom in federal court in 2016, alleging the unauthorised used of patented inventions.
The lawsuit claims millions of iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices that utilise Broadcom WiFi chips has infringed the patents.

It was asked that an administrative court reconsider whether the patents should’ve been granted originally, to which the patent-office tribunal agreed to review them, upholding the validity and handing a win to Caltech.

A jury sided with Caltech in 2020, ultimately finding Apple and Broadcom infringed the patents, and should pay a combined $1.1 billion in damages, to which they appealed.
In February last year, an intermediate appeals court upheld the findings of the jury, and ordered a new trial on damages, yet to occur.

It was also stated Apple was precluded from making certain arguments in federal court that it could’ve made when initiating the Patent Office proceeding.

The case was brought to the Supreme Court, with Apple and Broadcom choosing to argue they were improperly blocked from making arguments.

In January, the Biden administration was asked to weigh in on the matter. In May, the US solicitor general urged the court to not take the case, implying the Federal Circuit properly applied the law.

The Supreme Court has yet to provide reasoning behind the decline to hear the appeal.

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