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Apple Racking Up Millions In Weekly Watchdog Fines

Another week, another A$7.3 million fine.

That’s the current situation for Apple, who have racked up $65.7 million in fines over nine weeks, for not complying with an order to open its App Store up to third-party payments for dating apps in the Netherlands.

The weekly 5 million euro fines are being issued by Dutch antitrust watchdog Authority for Consumers and Markets. Apple submitted a proposal to the ACM this week aiming to halt the fines, which will increase once they reach 50 euros (A$73M).

The ACM, like many watchdogs around the world, launched an investigation into Apple’s App store payment practices in 2019.

ACM found that Apple abuses its market dominance and has ordered it to allow third-party payment options. Apple rejects the findings.

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