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Thieves Grab $9m Worth Of Apple Products In Horror Roadside Heist – Could It Happen Here Too?

A staggering A$9 million (£5m) worth of Apple products were stolen from a truck during a brazen roadside heist.

The theft occurred in Northamptonshire, England on November 10 while the vehicle was travelling along a motorway.

According to local news, the suspects tied up the driver and security guard before seizing 48 pallets of tech goods and transferring them onto a second truck.

The products were then removed and transferred onto a third vehicle, police believe.

“The incident took place on the southbound slip road at Junction 18 of the M1, between 7.45pm and 8pm on Tuesday, November 10, when the lorry driver and security guard were targeted and tied up,” police said in a statement.

“The lorry was driven to Eldon Close in Crick, where the offenders transferred the trailer on to an awaiting truck, and drove off leaving the lorry driver and security guard behind.

“The truck was later found across the county border in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, where it is believed the offenders transferred the 48 pallets of Apple products into a third vehicle.”

Officers allege the stolen products included iPads, Apple Watches and charging devices.

The theft comes as Apple and other tech giants and retailers have been forced to rethink supply chain logistics after the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down shipping.

Apple has taken to air and road shipping to get stock in, particularly in Australia, due to problems on the docks.

With increased focus on more public forms of transport, there is a renewed risk for theft and hijacking.

Apple has exclusively used air freight for iPhones for years – and prices for air freight often see a significant rise at least once a year when the tech giant releases a new iPhone generation.

Apple has not yet commented on the $9m theft nor whether it intends to revise security measures as a response to the targeted heist.


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