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Apple + Microsoft Get Into Bed Together, Build Conference Announcement

Microsoft is moving to cuddle up to Apple in an effort to boost their struggling online store.

At last night’s Bild Conference being held in Seattle, Apple said that they will release iTunes on the Windows Store. The service will only be available to Windows S customer, this is Microsoft’s scaled back, locked down Windows operating system.

Microsoft also announced Mixed Reality headsets from Acer and HP. It’s not known when these headsets will be available in Australia however pre-orders are being taken in the USA and Canada as of today.

Acer’s model is US$299, while the HP headset is US$329. There’s also a pair of brand new, US$100 touch controllers similar to the Oculus Touch.

It’s also been announced that Microsoft is releasing another update to its Windows 10 operating system later this year called the Fall Creators Update.

The updates due in September will see the introduction of several new features including a new design language, a unified and responsive experience for users, new applications, and letting users work quickly and seamlessly from any device, whether Windows, iOS and Android.

Called the Fluent Design System this element it’s designed to “fosters harmony across devices and platforms” claims Microsoft. FDS, are the tools developers must create applications, and in this case, can bring game-like qualities to interfaces, including layering so that depth can clue you in to how it works by popping elements out at you, and more sophisticated motion and design options.

In other words, no more using an app that looks a certain way on one device only to find it’s completely different on another.

Another big new feature is the Microsoft Graph. The idea is to deliver new experiences — from editing docs to watching video — you have on your Windows PC to seamlessly follow you to your Android or iOS device.

Microsoft has also unveiled a new app called Windows Story Remix lets you edit photos and video with 3D and mixed reality elements.

A universal web clipboard was also shown off, allowing users to cut and copy content from a Windows session and paste it into an Android or iOS app, using a Microsoft-powered keyboard a move that could impact Logitech.

Microsoft unveiled its own motion controllers for Windows 10 VR, and it showed off an impressive demo with Cirque du Soleil.

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