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Intel Under Pressure As Apple & Microsoft Look To Change Chips

Intel is facing dual headwinds from the potential of losing considerable market share to a resurgent AMD amid reports Apple and Microsoft are looking to ditch Intel processors from their devices.

Apple hired former ARM, Intel and AMD architect Mike Filippo last month as it looks to begin producing its own processors for Macs, headsets and other devices.

Reporting on the new hire, Bloomberg theorised the recruitment of Filippo and his experience in advanced and powerful chip architecture could help with Apple’s plans to replace Intel processors in its Mac computers with their own as soon as next year.

Apple recently filed for seven new Macbook model numbers with the Eurasian Economic Commission, less than a month after showing off a refreshed Macbook Pro lineup.

Details are still scant on new Macbook devices, but one is believed to be a newly designed 16-inch Macbook Pro, while other options include upgraded Macbook and Macbook Air models, according to MacRumours.

Whether any of the new Macbooks feature anything other than Intel processors remain to be seen.

The Cupertino company license some ARM technology to make the A-series processors it uses in its iPhone and iPad devices, including the iPad Pro device it hopes can finally succeed as a genuine laptop replacement with the introduction of iPadOS.

Microsoft is reportedly looking at ditching the Intel processors it’s used in its Surface devices for ARM or AMD processors, but doesn’t appear to be working on producing its own chips.

Any move to home brew processors could be particularly beneficial for Apple and Microsoft as they also make the operating systems that run on their devices and can therefore optimise it to run better on their hardware, even if their processors are less powerful or advanced as Intel’s.

Intel chief architect and senior vice president of Architecture, Software and Graphics Raja Koduri himself said “for every order of magnitude performance potential of a new hardware architecture there are two orders of magnitude performance enabled by software,” earlier this year.

AMD recently announced a number of new processors at Computex to take on Intel, including a 16-core gaming CPU.

Several big PC brands such as Acer, HP and Lenovo have embraced AMD processors, particularly on lower-spec and Chromebook devices.

Earlier this week, Intel announced it will auction off around 8,500 patents relating to cellular modems after Apple ditched Intel and joined forces with Qualcomm following ongoing litigation between the two companies.

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