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Apple M1 Silicon Sways Australian Buyers: Study

Australians are looking to purchase Apple’s new silicon computers and tablets this year, a trend which is already helping the company increase its market share in our country.

This is according to the Telsyte Australian Tablet Computer Study 2022, which found that 36 per cent of Aussie planning to buy a computer this year are considering Apple Silicon M1 devices.

Overall computer sales softened in 2021, with 4 million computer sold, down 2.3 per cent from the year prior. Tablet sales grew a modest 1.4 per cent, to 3.4 million.

Both 2021 figures remain higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Apple computers, however, grew 17 per cent, with Chromebooks also growing 15 per cent, albeit from “a much smaller base”, as Telsyte notes.

Apple already have the Australian tablet market wrapped up, with over half the total sales during 2021 being iPads. 23 per cent of these were high-end models that have the M1 chip, suggesting this familiarity will soon spill over into computer sales.

“With further software and app improvements to iPads to take full advantage of the M1 chips, Apple could introduce native Pro Mac apps like Final Cut and Logic for iPad Pros or develop a mode that allows iPads to run apps more like MacOS in coming WWDC announcements,” Telsyte explains.


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