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Apple Issuing Emergency iOS Update

Apple will release an emergency patch for its new iOS 16.4 after it was plagued with problems ranging from Wi-Fi drop outs to heating issues.

iPhone owners have reported that iOS 16.4 deleted the phone’s Wi-Fi networks and passwords, and then would forget them each time the user switches networks, even if the information is synced to iCloud.

The Weather app also appears to have been damaged by the update, with many users in various regions receiving “Weather Unavailable” notifications. Apple’s own System Status page shows the Weather app is “slow or unavailable” to some, indicating Apple is aware of this specific problem.

Then, there are issues with the phone heating up significantly when being charged, and decreased battery life.

These are all fairly major concerns, and Apple insiders are tipping iOS 16.4.1 may arrive before the end of the week.


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