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Apple Investigates Flickering Problem With New Watches

Apple says it is looking into why some Apple Watches have display flickers when the Always On mode is enabled, according to an internal memo shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers.

The memo does not specify which Apple Watch models have the issue, but reports imply that the newly released Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 models running watchOS 10 are mainly affected.

Irritated users have logged on to various Apple-focused forums describing the problem, and some say it’s like a “jitter” or a “random flicker.”

Other complications, like the watch face temporarily turning pink, were also in the memo and on forums.

Apple suggests that customers should make sure that their Apple Watch software is updated and kept current.

This type of advice usually means Apple is in process of coming up with a fix, which could be part of watchOS 10.1. Experts are thinking it may even get a public release as soon as the start of next week.

However, for now, users with affected watches can turn off the Always On display if the glitches prove to annoying.

To make the change, in Settings of the Apple Watch, users can select Display & Brightness, then adjust the Always On button.

Then Always On darkens when not enabled.

The update should work also for the Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2, but not the Apple Watch SE.

Do note that issues with new software can occasionally develop soon once it is available, such as when Apple released the overheating software fix for the new iPhone 15 Pro.

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