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Apple In Talks With Panasonic For Car Battery Supply

Apple has been in talks with two Chinese battery manufacturers, CATL and BYD, to supply battery packs for its long-awaited move into the electric vehicle space.

But Apple wants an exclusive manufacturing operation, based in the U.S., and apparently neither Chinese company is willing to bend.

Now, Reuters is saying these chats have been “put on pause” with Apple starting talks to Japanese battery manufacturer Panasonic.

CATL told Reuters it denied “the relevant information”.

“We are evaluating the opportunity and possibility of manufacture localisation in North America,” the statement said.

CATL also indicated it would be able to meet Apple demands, saying it has “a dedicated professional team exclusively” for each of its clients.

In September, Apple appointed Kevin Lynch — who steered its Apple Watch project, and previously helped to develop Flash at Adobe — to run the day-to-day operations for its Apple Car project.

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