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Apple Hit With Class Action Over Defective MacBook Screens

A class action suit filed in California this week claims that M1 MacBook models are shipping with a hidden defect that causes the screens to easily become cracked and dead spots to appear on the display.

The suit accuses Apple of violating a number of consumer protection, warranty, and false advertising laws.

“These problems often develop while the Class Laptops are closed; many Class Laptop owners have reported that they first observed cracking and/or display malfunction when opening their devices from a closed position,” the suit claims.

“Others report that their screens cracked as they adjusted the screen’s viewing angle in an ordinary manner,” the lawsuit reads. “A reasonable consumer would not expect such activity to damage their device, let alone cause an obscured display and/or a screen crack that impairs its functionality.”

The suit claims Apple “concealed, failed to disclose, or carried out deceptive marketing practices” to cover the issue, and conversely advertised the durability of the MacBooks.

The lawsuit seeks damages, attorneys’ fees and costs, and an admission from Apple that the MacBook screens are faulty.


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