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Apple Gets Serious About Bundled Content, New Deal Tipped

Apple who is planning to become a major player in the sound and content markets is set offer a subscription plan that would encompass all of its entertainment content including video and music content.

the deal tipped to be announced in September as a 2019 product offering will include original TV shows such as a Winfred Oprah Show, music service, and media articles.

All iTunes, Texture, iCloud storage, Apple TV, and all future content will be bundled into one package.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Amazon figured this one out a long time ago said Dealerscope.

Their 100-million-plus legion of Amazon Prime members has helped shape the glorified delivery system into something so much bigger. Books, music, videos, and a host of tangible benefits from every company they acquire are all fair game with the membership. You can also look at Google as another giant name who has refashioned their content delivery, rolling out YouTube premium plans to cover music and video streaming platforms.

Analysts claim that a lot of Apple’s original content creation is actually getting pretty exciting. iTunes is still far behind Spotify in terms of subscribers but closing that gap quickly thanks to exclusives and iOS integration. Apple signed Oprah Winfrey to a multiyear deal for original programming and picked up Texture, a cutting-edge digital magazine subscription service.

The crux of this will obviously be how much Apple decides to package, price, and sell all these services. A smart move would be offering different tiers for different services as rounding one big price for that many services might be bogged down from an Apple tax. Meaning, they might actually lose people’s business if they only want one service and are now paying more for things they didn’t want. But it’s a delicate balance between turning a profit, paying the content creators, and attracting the mainstream consumer.

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