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Apple Finally Add Support For Paypal To App Store

A new partnership between Apple and Paypal will see the latter finally be added as a supported payment method for iTunes, iBooks, App Store, Apple TV and the company’s other “digital goods storefronts”.

“We are always looking for new ways to provide consumers with choice when it comes to moving and managing their money,” said Anthony Drury, Director, Head of Enterprise Business at PayPal Australia.

“The integration of PayPal as a payment option for Apple iOS users adds that extra dimension of choice for consumers wanting to safely purchase their digital goods.”

The move comes following months of perceived tensions between the two companies following Paypal’s move to partner with Samsung Pay over Apple Pay.

Last month, Paypay CEO Dan Schulman dismissed claims that Apple Pay would prove a threat to the company’s dominance in the digital payments space.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Schulman suggested that the limited-availability of Apple Pay to those outside the company’s ecosystem would see it struggle to gain traction.

“Many individuals are [a] multi-operating system; they can have an Android phone, a Microsoft PC and an Apple tablet. You don’t want a different payment methodology on each of those things … you want a consistency across that,” he said.


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