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Apple Files Patent For A Stylus That Draws In Mid-Air

Apple has filed a patent for a stylus that can draw on everything, and even in mid-air.

The patent has been discovered on Fresh Patents¬†explaining how the pen will work on surfaces and in mid-air, ‘This relates to generation of content using an input device without a touch-sensitive surface. In some examples, touch-down and lift-off on a non-touch-sensitive surface can be monitored by a force sensor of the input device.’

Source: Fresh Patents

As seen above, Images in the patent show the stylus able to work on every Apple device including an iPod and the Apple Watch. The current stylus Apple has, the Apple Pencil can only work on the iPad Pro.

The patent also shows the stylus when used mid-air can write and draw 2D and 3D objects which will be shown on the Apple product in use.

New Atlas points out if this stylus ever was released it would put it ahead of its usual rivals Microsoft, Samsung and Google with their respective styluses.

The patent was filed in June 2016 but only made public last month.

With every patent there is no confirmation if this product will ever be commercially made but it is interesting to see what plans Apple has for the future.


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