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Apple Eliminates “Store” From Their Retail Operations

Apple is looking to restructure their retail operation by eliminating the word store from that company owned shops.

Instead the new stores will simply be called Apple

What started at the San Francisco location, is now making its way to all of Apple’s 479 retail stores worldwide.

The branding change has already been implemented online, and store pages now display the stores by a name like ‘Apple Union Square’ or ‘Apple The Grove’, in Australia stores will be known simply as Apple Sydney, or Apple Melbourne, or Apple Chatswood.

The first Apple retail shop opened its doors in 2001 in Virginia in the USA where more than 500 people stood outside the pre-dawn hours on May 19th anticipating what has now expanded across the globe.

Today, the tech tycoon has 479 retail stores in 18 countries and an online store is available in 39 countries.

With global sales of US$16 billion in merchandise in 2011, Apple leads the United States retail market in terms of sales per unit area.

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