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Apple Digital Car Keys To Unlock BMW With iPhone & Watch

New digital car keys developed by Apple are set to allow owners of the new BMW 5 Series to wirelessly unlock their vehicle using an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The technology is facilitated over NFC and comes after Apple announced the addition of a digital car key to iPhones/Apple Watches at its recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) within iOS 14.

The 2021 BMW 5 series will be the first car supported, with the Cupertino giant working on an industry-wide standard that would reduce reliance on NFC.

The technology asks users to pair their iPhone/Apple Watch with a vehicle that supports the digital car keys, then holding their device near the car’s NFC reader to unlock (typically on door handle).

Consumers can also share their digital car keys to friends and family via the Messages app, with restrictions on car speed and more available.

Apple has affirmed the digital car keys should also work with no network connection, catering to underground garages.

Digital car keys will reportedly be designed to work for “up to 5 hours” after an iPhone’s battery has run out, tapping into a “power reserve” mode for emergency situations.

Further information and an outlining video is available on Apple’s Developer website here.

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