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Apple Cutting Ties With Intel After 15 Years

Apple’s long-time relationship with core processor developer Intel Corp will officially wind down as the tech giant unveils its new series of Mac computers.

Intel has enjoyed a 15-year stint providing the processors for Mac laptops and computers, however Apple is set to close the door on this partnership very soon.

Apple revealed it will hold another online event named ‘One More Thing’ on November 10, where it is expected to launch Macs designed with Apple processors for the first time in history.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is ramping up production of its new notebook with in-house chips, including 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros and a new 13-inch MacBook Air.

Save for the new Apple Silicon chip, it is understood the new Macs won’t have many other significant design changes.

Apple accounts for less than 10% of the market share for personal computers, so the impact on Intel’s bottom line is set to be insignificant.

Along with new Mac notebooks, it’s believed the Apple event will also include the launch of macOS 11 Big Sur, which has been in development for months.

Apple and Intel’s partnership began in 2005 when Steve Jobs delivered a plan to move away from PowerPC processors.

Intel allowed Apple to catch up to Windows computers, which had more powerful processors at the time.

In June 2020, Apple outlined a two-year transition away from Intel chips. The company said it would aim to provide a “common architecture across all Apple products” with its in-house chip.

Apple’s Nov 10 event comes less than a month after it launched the iPhone 12 and other accessories on October 13.

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