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Apple Cull Genius Headcount At Retail Stores

In an assumed attempt to reduce costs, Apple have slowed their hiring initiatives for its ‘Genius’ technical support roles. While the Cupertino based tech giant is yet to terminate the contracts of workers, or completely stopped hiring, Genius positions at certain retail stores are not being filled after employees leave.

Sources who have chosen to remain anonymous, according to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, have stated that the changes are to reduce costs in stores that have had reduced customer numbers since the pandemic.

The Genius role is a key part of the Apple in store experience, providing customers with supreme knowledge of the Apple ecosystem, and a real step into a modern and somewhat futuristic experience. The Genius operation began in 2001, and is at the core of Apple stores worldwide. Previously, those who needed technical support made an appointment with the Genius Bar, which has since been scrapped, and employees now wander around the store helping customers.

Genius employees also no longer are in charge of Mac product repairs, as the work has been outsourced. As a result, general troubleshooting, assistance and repair pickups are the only responsibilities of Genius workers, resulting in a lower demand for staff.

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