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Apple Cause Confusion With New AirTag Security Measures

In an effort to combat the safety risks involved with Apple AirTags and their tracking capabilities, Apple have updated their security measures with a system that’s been reported to be overly protective.

AirTags were designed to make it easy to track down things like keys, phones and wallets. However, issues quickly arose as numerous cases of people tracking were reported. Apple, in response to the issue, have implemented a safety feature that notifies users when they are being followed by an unknown AirTag when it detects a nearby AirTag with similar movement. When a case of AirTag tracking has been identified, users are then able to trigger the AirTag’s built-in alarm to find it.

While this seems like a good idea, the new security measure seems a little too eager to call our nearby AirTags. iPhone users have reported receiving alerts for AirTags that may not be remotely near their path, and have caused them to chase after them, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Maps showing the AirTags movement follow strange patterns and paths when the issue occurs, tracking it through walls and buildings.

It looks to be a bug with the update, likely related to poor connections to Apple’s Find My network, which makes use of other nearby Apple products. iPhone 11s and later are able to pinpoint an AirTag to the centimeter.

People who have gotten these notifications due to the glitch have feared for their safety necessarily. There is also the concern that someone who is led on a wild goose chase in the middle of the night due to this issue could be put in danger as a result.

That being said, users are being advised to keep the feature enabled. John DeCarlo, director alarms with technology is a common occurrence.”

“If you turn the notifications off, it leaves you without the benefits.”

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