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Apple Boss Lashed For Praising China & Their Developers Who Also Code Spy Software

It’s not only Apple’s ‘Made in China’ products that are coming under attack, now CEO Tim Cook has been slammed for cuddling up to China and developers who have been accused of developing apps to spy on people.

A Republican congressman lashed out at Tim Cook for giving an interview earlier this month to a Chinese state-owned media entity in which the Apple chief executive praised China’s software and app developers as “inspiring” and “innovative.”

Cook who dribbled praise for China’s 5 million-strong community of registered app developers many who have been accused of using software to spy and capture data on individuals and organisations said, “With more than 5 million Chinese developers and counting, there is no question that China has one of the most vibrant developer communities in the entire world,”

Cook said that his encounters with Chinese developers leave him “impressed by [their] creativity and passion for using technology to enrich people’s lives.”

“This is phenomenal,” Cook said.

“I can’t tell you how inspired I am by the innovation and creativity you brought to your work throughout the entire pandemic,”.

“You really poured your heart and souls into delivering incredible apps that help people stay active and entertained and productive, learning and healthy.”

US Federal Rep. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.) was infuriated by Cook’s gushing interview, particularly in light of Apple’s image in the US as a progressive company that supported the Black Lives Matter movement as well as other mainstream liberal positions on various issues.

Waltz and other critics of Apple claim that while the company and other firms with extensive business ties to China are quick to criticize American faults, they have nothing to say about Beijing’s human rights abuses, including its mass detention of Uyghur Muslims.

“This further underscores the hypocrisy of corporate America, which preaches social justice at home and turns a blind eye when it comes to its profits,” Waltz claimed.

Cook has been accused of “staying in the good graces of the Chinese Communist Party” which has enabled Apple to rake in billions in profits.

The New York Post reports that in 2016, Cook personally met with Chinese officials in Beijing and pledged to invest $275 billion into the local economy over a five-year period.

In exchange, the Chinese authorities would allow Apple to freely do business on the mainland, according to The Information (paywall).

Cook’s diplomacy has allowed Apple to boast of being one of the few American tech giants that is permitted to operate in the world’s most populous nation.

Tech behemoths like Google, Facebook, Twitch, Zoom, Twitter, and LinkedIn are blocked in mainland China due to the government’s stringent censorship demands.

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