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Apple Bans App Developers From Sharing User’s Contacts

Apple quietly banned its App developers to have the ability to share its user’s personal details to third-parties without consent.

According to Bloomberg, Apple instigated this change last week on its App Store with the company cracking down on a ‘practice that has been employed for years’.

The practice sees developers asking users for access to their phone contacts where they can use that information for marketing and either share or sell it sometimes without permission. For Apple, this practice can give it both growth and money.

The new rule explicitly states developers are not allowed to share and sell a user’s database. An app is also barred from telling a user its contact list is being used for one thing and then use it for something else.

Bloomberg says anyone caught breaking these new rules could be banned from the App Store.

Data sharing has been a huge point of conversation this year with it all starting from Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal where 80 million user’s data was taken without permission by the controversial political research company.

Last week at Apple’s WWDC security was a talking point, announcing a number of new measures across its software with no word on its App Store review guidelines.

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