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Apple Back Nobbling iPhone Batteries Despite Record Fines

iPhone users who are used to poor battery life are again being subject to their Apple devices, being drained of juice, this is despite Apple being fined tens of millions in the past because of poor battery life and dodgy practises.

Globally iPhone users who activated Apple’s latest software update, iOS 14.6, are complaining bitterly that the latest software fix is again draining their batteries.

Mike Harris of Mike Harris Golf said that his iPhone was drained in 5 hours.


A video on YouTube shows sone devices draining after 2 hours.

YouTube channel iAppleBytes found “terrible results” in battery performance with the new update and demonstrated the battery performance in a video test.

The video shows seven iPhone models running iOS 14.6 as they lose battery power. Five die within five hours.

The company’s Community Forum and Twitter are awash with gripes about the update.

“My battery life on iOS 14.6 is terrible… is it just me or anyone is experiencing this thing too??” wrote one user.

Another chimed in, “after iOS 14.5 and 14.6 updates, my device has been awful. Mostly the battery life. But iOS 14 was a TOTAL TRAIN WRECK.”

Many owners of older iPhone models are also up in arms.

“The situation is so bad that I cannot work with the iPhone 7 for 2 hours and it runs out of charge,” one said.

Last year Apple was forced to stump up over $146 Million to settle allegations that it deliberately slowed down older iPhones.

Now the same situation has arisen again, and iPhone owners are angry especially as archrival Samsung’s devices deliver up to and over 24 hours of battery life in their premium models.

Thirty-three US states got together and acted against the iPhone maker after they claimed that Apple had deliberately slowed down iPhones to drive users into buying new devices.

Millions of people were affected when the models of iPhone 6 and 7 and SE were slowed down in 2016 in a scandal that was dubbed Batterygate.

The excuse Apple gave was that they deliberately slowed down older iPhones to preserve ageing battery life not to get a new model sale.

This deal was on top of a settlement Apple reached in March to pay affected iPhone owners up to $500m in a class action lawsuit.

In 2016 Apple updated software on models of the iPhone 6, 7 and SE – which throttled chip speeds on aging phones.

The latest issue is reportedly hitting even Apple’s most recent iPhone models. “14.6 is draining my iPhone 12 Pro battery……………………,” one user wrote.

Another agreed, “you are not alone. The iOS 14.6 reduced drastically my iPhone 12 Pro battery life.”

“Come on, Apple—release a fix soon!!!!” another used pleaded.

“Hey @Apple the new iOS14.6 is DESTROYING my battery life. Not even 2.5 hours unplugged with light use and I’m already at half battery,” tweeted @MrClimaCool.

“@Apple your update to 14.6 is killing my battery. Glad to see you are once again forcing people to get new phones. Fix it. #Fail,” wrote @PearlJam2021.

“I began having battery performance trouble after the 13.5.1 update last summer, and after the 14.6 update finally accepted that Apple doesn’t intend to fix this issue for existing phones, and had the battery replaced. Nothing else I tried helped, but this seems to have worked,” tweeted @AcqExp.

Apple responded on Twitter, saying, “We can understand wanting more battery life and can assist with what you’re seeing. Which model iPhone are you using? If you check Settings > Battery > Battery Health, what number is there? Let us know in DM, please, and we’ll continue there.”

Two of the earliest models tested, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S, died within three hours, while the iPhone SE2020 died in just over three hours.

“This is the still worst battery result I have ever seen on my devices,” iAppleBytes concluded at the end of the video, which was posted on May 24. “Your experience may be different, but this is not something I have seen on a similar scale before. Fingers crossed for a quick iOS 14.6.1…”

Apple typically releases major software updates to go with a new iPhone model, but it rolls out incremental updates throughout the year to provide new features and patch bugs or other defects.

Apple could reveal its next major update at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled to run all next week.

As expected, Apple ducks for cover when talking about the battery life of iPhones.

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