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Amazon’s Ring Smart Doorbell Glitch Spooks Owners

Users of Amazon’s Ring smart doorbells have reported the device is randomly chiming when no one is at the door.

Amazon blamed the issue on ‘infrastructure delays’ which saw real doorbell presses start ringing much later.

The tech giant said the device’s “processing infrastructure was running behind”, which resulted in users receiving delayed notifications.

Amazon apologised for the issue and confirmed it had been resolved.

The company did not confirm how many users had been affected by the delayed doorbell ringing but Twitter users in the US and Europe took to social media to complain about the ‘spooky’ glitch.

“Our Chime Pro has been going off in response to doorbell pushes that occurred about 4 or 5 hours ago,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Very unnerving for my elderly mother who lives alone,” another Twitter user said.

Ring, which develops Amazon’s suite of security products including dashcams and flying security drones, have experienced security issues in the past.

In December last year, a family in the UK revealed a hacker had attempted to communicate with their young daughter via Amazon’s Ring camera.

The hacker told the girl through the device: “It’s Santa. It’s your best friend.”


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