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Amazon Working On Smart Fridge

Amazon seems to be working on its own fridge, according to Business Insider.

The new fridge, codenamed Project Pulse is being developed by the company’s ‘physical stores unit’, which suggests the plan is to stock them in their Amazon Go stores.

It’s a smart idea, given Amazon has all but decimated its bricks-and-mortar competition by undercutting them with its online stores.

Project Pulse “is designed to track your inventory and purchase habits, predict what you want, and have it delivered,” Insider explains, which will close the gap further between their Amazon Go stores, their ownership of Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh, and their online presence.

The fridge is two years in the making, and is being developed under Gopi Prashanth, who is Director of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence at Amazon.

“We don’t comment on rumours or speculation,” an Amazon spokesperson said of the reports.

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