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Word, Outlook And Excel Upgrade Trumps Windows 11

In the push to help us work smarter not harder, Microsoft have taken the wraps off Office 2021, which features new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and – for the first time – Teams.

The new bundle comes at a time when many users feel slighted they won’t be able to update to Windows 11 for several months unless they have new-model hardware.

Still, the new Office apps come with designs that have Windows 11 in mind, featuring rounded corners and new neutral colours.

More useful, though, they will add collaborative aspects, such as the ability to co-author documents and push-out automatic updates so that everyone involved is working on the most current version.

Mac owners will be able to unlock this latest software on the same day.

Office 2021 will also be available to Microsoft 365 subscribers, so users will be able to sign in across various devices – say from desktop PC to iPad – and back with the same log-in.

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