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Amazon Web Services Unveils AI Business Tools Including Camera

At the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent conference the company revealed a number of AI tools it will be launching including a US$250 AI-powered camera called DeepLens.

The company says it is also launching SageMaker, a new platform for developing and deploying machine learning algorithms and services for AI-powered transcription and translation.

The DeepLens camera is aimed at developers not consumers with features such as optical character recognition, and image and object recognition.

The camera is 4 megapixels capturing 1080P video, accompanied by a 2D microphone array. An Intel Atom Processor provides over 100 GLOPS of compute power, enough to run tens of frames of incoming video through on-board deep learning models every second. AWS says. DeepLens is well-connected, with dual-band Wi-Fi, USB and micro HDMI ports. Wrapping it all up, 8 gigabytes of memory for your pre-trained models and your code, makes this a powerful yet compact device.

In a blog AWS says, “Today I would like to tell you about AWS DeepLens, a new video camera that runs deep learning models directly on the device, out in the field. You can use it to build cool apps while getting hands-on experience with AI, IoT, and serverless computing. AWS DeepLens combines leading-edge hardware and sophisticated on-board software, and lets you make use of AWS GreengrassAWS Lambda, and other AWS AI and infrastructure services in your app.

“When you build an app that runs on your AWS DeepLens, you can take advantage of a set of pre-trained models for image detection and recognition. These models will help you detect cats and dogs, faces, a wide array of household and everyday objects, motions and actions, and even hot dogs. We will continue to train these models, making them better and better over time.”

The DeepLens will be made available next year in the US with no confirmation on whether it will be shipped to Australia.

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