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Tempo Cracks Another Big One In Europe

Australian distributor Tempo who own the Linsar house brand which is sold by several leading European retailers is set to launch an exclusive new range of appliances.

Previously known in the UK trade for its range of Linsar TVs, Tempo has concluded a deal with buying group CIH, part of the Europe-wide Euronics organisation, in which CIH is launching what it describes as “an exclusive new brand and expanded range of small domestic appliances.”

The Linsar range, says CIH, “includes a colourful and stylish collection of kettles and matching toasters, available exclusively to Euronics agents.” The range includes a two-slice toaster and two cordless kettles, a pyramid kettle and a jug kettle. The three small domestic appliances are available in a satin finish of red, green, blue, white, cream or black. All three appliances come with a “robust” three-year warranty.

The Linsar cordless kettles have a 1.7 litre capacity, dry boil protection, and non-slip feet. The two-slice toaster has a removable crumb tray, six heat settings and three functions (defrost, reheat and cancel).

James Aldridge, SDA Buyer, CIH says: “The Linsar brand is exclusive in its entirety to Euronics agents. We expect the coloured small domestic appliances to be big sellers as bold, bright appliances are predicted to be a popular trend in 2018.”

In Australia Tempo is a major supplier to Aldi with their Bauhn TV’s and Sterling appliances. They also supply BigW with their popular Polaroid TV’s. The Company also distributes Philips and Hitachi TV’s as well as a range of appliances to Bunnings.

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