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Amazon, Twitter and YouTube Go Head To Head For US NFL Rights

Online heavyweights Amazon, Twitter and YouTube are reportedly putting in bids for the NFL Thursday Night Football streaming rights.

According to Bloomberg, the three companies are putting millions of dollars on the table to get the rights which will last five years. NFL is being assisted in the talks by 21st Century Fox which acquired the TV rights for the league until 2022.

This is an interesting time in broadcasting as streaming companies are adding to the already competitive atmosphere when it comes to sporting rights. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have done a little bit of online streaming but nothing as major as this.

Reports say NFL is looking for a technology company to offer ‘an interactive stream with social-media commentary and statistics that entice kids raised on video games and Snapchat’.

Amazon already has its foot in the door with the G League, a minor league version of the NBA.


No technology giant has been a main video partner to a major US sports league, Bloomberg says with the reason being a ‘reluctance to pull games off mainstream TV and award full rights to an online provider’.

Lets see if anything like this will happen in Australia with its sporting rights.

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