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Amazon To Pay Big Bonuses As Unions Try To Dent Business

Amazon is set to pay their Australian staff bonuses after sales soared during the COVID-19 lock down, but despite this unions are set to try and disrupt the company’s Black Friday sales.

Bonuses will also be paid to staff in the USA and Europe, some of the bonuses will be over $400.

The bonuses will be paid to staff working between 1-31 December.

The firm, run by Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, praised staff for “serving customers’ essential needs” during the pandemic.

In a blog post, Dave Clark, senior vice president of Amazon Worldwide Operations, wrote: “I’m grateful to our teams who continue to play a vital role serving their communities.

“As we head into the peak of the holiday season, we want to share our appreciation through another special recognition bonus, totalling more than $679 million for our front-line employees.”

Unions who claim they represent tens of thousands of Amazon.com employees are planning walkouts and other action as the year’s busiest shopping season begins this week.

Unions in Australia who are joining a global push to damage Amazon’s business have ignored the fact that a lot of people only have jobs in Australia todays because of the actions of the Coalition Federal Government and their JobKeeper programs.

The unions are set to protest the e-commerce giant’s handling of everything from sick pay and Covid-19 precautions to user privacy. The protests are set to take place in Australia and overseas.

The giant Verdi trade union in Germany is holding a walkout across seven Amazon facilities, it said in a statement Thursday. It’s part of the Make Amazon Pay campaign, an assemblage of organized labour, human rights organizations, environmentalists, and other groups that are demanding changes Amazon in a program of protests and online press conferences.

In Australia, unions will perform “health and safety” inspections of the company’s facilities using their “statutory right of entry,” the campaign said.

Many workers’ groups, blocked from picket lines and protests due to pandemic restrictions, have been driven online.

Others will project the campaign’s logo on buildings in Brussels, London, Sao Paulo and other cities.

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