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Amazon Refuses To Take Responsibility For Third-Party Products

Trillion-dollar tech giant Amazon has argued in court it is “not realistic” to expect the company to thoroughly vet all third-party products sold through its platform.

The Jeff Bezos-owned company told the Texas Supreme Court it shouldn’t be held responsible for third-party items which cause harm to consumers.

Amazon was dragged to court after a 19-month-old child was left severely injured when she ingested a lithium button battery from a remote control sold by a Chinese vendor on its platform.

Plaintiffs have argued the product failed to meet industry standards, however Amazon says it is a “middleman” between millions of third-party sellers and cannot realistically inspect each item for safety standards, The Financial Times reports.

Amazon argued that finding it liable for such incidents would have “wildly unpredictable and far-reaching results” if the law was applied to other companies, such as food delivery apps.

Amazon’s defense of no culpability has been unsuccessful in the past. The ecommerce giant has lost several court cases after judges ruled it could be liable for injuries caused by products sold on its platform.

One case included a woman who suffered third-degree burns from a faulty laptop battery sold on Amazon.

Amazon hosts more than six million third-party sellers on its site, with sales totaling $300 billion in 2020 in this department.

The Texas court is expected to make a ruling on this case in June.

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