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Amazon Oz Happily “Misunderstood”, Ramps Up 5 Year Plan

At its first ‘Innovation Day’ in Sydney yesterday, Amazon Australia affirmed it’s “comfortable” being “misunderstood”, as the e-commerce behemoth outlaid its ambitious expansion plan for the next five to seven years.

Amazon Senior VP, International Consumer, Russ Grandinetti, confirmed Amazon Prime would roll-out locally “soon”. The paid subscription service provides members expedited shipping, and access to several Emmy nominated TV Shows, e-books, music and more.

Thus far, commentators have been vocal about Amazon Australia’s relatively “underwhelming” launch, with others admitting its “too early” to accurately predict its future impact.

Grandinetti claims it’s a “competition advantage” Amazon Australia can pursue a five to seven year plan, with increased focus on faster delivery, lower prices and greater product options.

“There’s no question being misunderstood is something we do often”, claims Grandinetti.

“I consider it a competitive advantage we’re willing to plan over five to seven year time-frames for the big things we want to do, and then throughout a lot of that timeframe be misunderstood about what it is we’re trying to accomplish”.

The e-commerce giant’s local expansion includes onboarding more SMEs to its platform.

Amazon forecasts further growth for its smart voice assistant, Alexa, including experiences surrounding virtual reality.

As previously reported, Amazon Australia recently hit the 10,000 seller mark, with the expectation to notch 50,000 by the end of the year.

Amazon Australia Country Manager Rocco Brauniger affirms there’s “still a long way to go”, however, emphasises the company is only four months into its launch journey.

Despite reports of an underwhelming launch, Grandinetti reveals Amazon Australia achieved record first-day order volumes, with positive feedback from customers and third-party sellers.

Consensus is, Amazon Australia will further increase its product range and price competitiveness in the next 12 – 24 months. The company will likely focus on building robust logistics and software infrastructure before pursuing a more aggressive expansion strategy.

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