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Amazon Move To Cut Out Sellers Of Counterfeit Products

According to a leaked email Amazon is set to transition to a new purchase system with the big online retailer set to stop issuing purchase orders through Amazon Vendor Express, a move that will relegate some suppliers down the Amazon pecking order, it’s also tipped to have been initiated to eliminate counterfeit products.

Vendor Express allowed sellers to transition to vendor accounts, sell their products to Amazon, rather than directly to consumers, without the need of an invitation.

Amazon sellers who spoke to us about the program, said the program “was fraught with counterfeits from its early days and likely failed to gain traction among high-quality sellers.”

In an email to suppliers Amazon said “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the selling experience on Amazon. After careful evaluation, we’ve decided to retire Vendor Express and refocus the business on other selling programs.”

Amazon said that they will shut down the entire program on January 2, 2019.

Those who used the service said that it was free to join: Unlike Seller Central, there was no monthly/annual or per-item referral fee to sign up. They also said that after a trial period proves a product’s selling potential, Amazon typically responded with bulk orders, which were meant to generate larger sales volumes.

The service also allowed user to get access to Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) such as more robust sales reports, that allowed users to optimise their content, and create additional marketing.

Initially Amazon required a trial period, before an initial purchase order, “They often requested a donation of products to use for sampling the market and testing consumer demand” claims David Cooley, Manager, Marketplace Channels at CPC Strategy.

Amazon is now recommending Vendors using the Express program transition to become a third-party seller.

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