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Amazon Introduces New Page Alerts For Recalled/Unsafe Products

Amazon have introduced a new personalised alert page on the website helping notify customers if anything they’ve bought has known issues that could make it dangerous with continuous use.

Amazon claims it “always proactively” notifies customers about items purchased that are part of a recall or have safety alerts.

However, now it appears the company are dedicated a space where customers can become more aware of recalls issued. Users will also be getting a “personalized email” with details on the product recall, along with an alert banner on their “your orders” page.

Previously, the company has been criticised for being too slow pulling dangerous products, and for years been arguing in lawsuits that its more of a platform acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers than a retail store, and isn’t responsible for those items.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission sued Amazon in 2021, “We are seeking Amazon to be responsible for the ‘fulfilled by Amazon’ products on their site.”

When a customer clicks on the product recall alert, it’s expected to link back to Amazon’s “Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts” page.

Then users can understand what the risk is and what remedies are available, including refunds, returns, or repairs.

This gives hope Amazon will be connecting with EVERY customer who may have purchased a recalled product, and sellers won’t stay the primary avenue for communication.

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