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Amazon Launch Network Of Delivery Hubs In Oz

Amazon has announced that it is taking the next step in bringing its world-class fulfilment and delivery network to Australia with the introduction of Amazon Hub – a new network of parcel pickup points designed to offer customers more choice and convenience.

From today, Australians have access to over a hundred Amazon Hub locations, with hundreds more available by the end of the year, and thousands more across the country coming in 2020.

Available at no extra cost, delivery to an Amazon Hub location is available for the more than 125 million items sold on Amazon and works with Free Expedited Delivery and Standard Delivery.

“Since launching Amazon.com.au in 2017, we’ve committed to making e-commerce rooted in low prices, vast selection and convenience a part of everyday life for Australian customers,” said Patrick Supanc, WW director of Amazon Hub.

“We’re excited now to partner with large and small businesses in Australia to extend Amazon’s exceptional customer service and innovations in delivery by offering a quick and simple pickup experience.”

The Amazon Hub network includes two pickup point options – Locker and Counter. Originally launched in the US in 2011, Locker is a self-service kiosk that gives customers the option to pick up their Amazon parcels from a location convenient to them.

Lockers are available today in dozens of CBA branches, Victorian Authorised Newsagents Association (VANA) locations, and Stockland Shopping Centres, with nearly a hundred expected installations by year’s end.

Counter on the other hand is a pickup network staffed by store partners, which enables quick and easy collection of Amazon parcels.

Originally launched earlier this year in Europe, Counter has been positively received by store partners, helping to drive strong customer engagement and additional foot traffic for the stores.

It also goes live today in more than a hundred VANA stores in Victoria, with hundreds more locations coming soon.

“Since 2016, my newsagent has served our Palm Plaza Dandenong community,” said Sineth Sar, entrepreneur and small business owner of Palm Plaza Lotto Dandenong in Melbourne, Victoria.

“Counter gives my customers a new, convenient way to pick up their Amazon parcels, and I’m confident it will drive new customers who have never shopped with me to my local kiosk.”

“I’m delighted to offer Counter and can’t wait for the results it will generate for my business.”

Amazon designed and built the technology for Amazon Hub from the ground-up, resulting in a quick and simple pickup experience for customers.

For Locker hosts, installing a Locker inside or outside their store helps attract increase foot traffic to that location and surrounding area, while for Counter partners, the service easily turns a store of any size into a pickup location and the service’s intuitive, user-friendly design enables store staff to efficiently serve customers picking up parcels without disrupting their daily activities.

For customers, shipping to an Amazon Hub location is easy and secure. After shopping on Amazon, customers proceed to checkout and select the Locker or Counter pickup point that’s most convenient for them as their delivery location.

As soon as their parcel arrives, customers receive an e-mail notification with a unique barcode and six-digit code that they’ll use to retrieve their parcel. At the Locker, customers will either scan the barcode or use the six-digit code to retrieve their parcel.

For Counter locations, customers will provide the barcode or the six-digit code to store staff, who will scan it, retrieve the parcel, and hand it to the customer.

Customers have three days to collect their parcel from a Locker and 14 days to collect their parcel from a Counter location.

For more information on Locker and Counter, or to find a location near you, visit the Amazon Hub page here.

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