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Amazon Embraces Teen Shoppers; With Parent’s Permission

Amazon.com is now shifting its efforts to include a new demographic, teenager shoppers; who are now able to purchase items with permission from their parents.

Shoppers aged between 13-17 years can now log into the American online shopping giant’s website or app with their own accounts to purchase products and stream videos.

Amazon notifies parents by text or email of any purchase their child as made. This lets parents review any purchases made and the payment type used before finalising the transaction.

Amazon’s move to zone in on the demographic isn’t surprising, with 49 percent of teenagers listed Amazon as their favourite website. Though some have raised concerns over the move, saying that this will allow Amazon to collect data from teenager users, as well as giving teenager such easy access to a parent’s credit card.

Betsy Brown Braun, a child development and behaviour specialist told the Washington Post that it could create a serious problem for parents

“We’re essentially telling our children that they can get whatever they want, when ever they want it,” she said.

Anaylsts predict that the move could be very beneficial for Amazon, as major retail chains across the US, who are struggling to adapt to the growth of online shopping, are being forced to close many of their stores.

The new program will let teen log into Amazon using their own credentials, where they can then browse, shop and stream videos and tap into their parent’s Prime membership benefits.

Amazon has also now offering Prime member to college students for $US5.49 ($AUD7).

Amazon currently accounts for one-third all online sales in the US.


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